Parcel clearance and delivery :

One of Wrest Egypt Marine strong provided service is parcel clearance. We offers safe and in time clearance on spare parts in transit, as we are fully authorized to custom clear the parcels through our logistic department and deliver same on board the vsls ( i.e. boarding the vsl though our shipping department ), by same we provides our clients.

spare parts clearance service covering but not limited to the following :
– Custom Clearance at Airport or port (in case of sea freight) .
– Storage.
– Bank Guarantee .
– Transport to requested port .
– Final clearance at sea port .
– Miscellaneous expenses .
– Delivery of spares on board “door-to-deck” and vice – versa .
– Also we provide Parcel transfers from ship to ship during their Suez Canal transit without any delay .

Same obtained through our highly trained, qualified staff in our logistics division who is on call 24 hours 7 days a week to deliver any parcels or urgent spare parts to vsls.

Carrying out and supervising with long experience in clearing all types of heavy weight, expensive value parcels from customs at Airports / Ports and till dispatching on board the vsl at any Egyptian port