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Wrest Egypt Ship Services A Leading Ship Chandlers For Oil / Gas / Passenger Ships / Service Ship Dredger Supports Various Phases Of Offshore Exploration, Development And Production Including anchor Handling for Lay Barges and Mobile Drilling Rigs Field Rigs, which provides various on-board Catering Services to Ship Owners and Ship Managers. Our company has benchmark of providing best quality, nutritious and wholesome food to any worldwide port at Best offer prices.

In the competitive world, we deliver a cost effective fixed rate with quality products which our clients have been able to rely on which has resulted in significant savings not only from catering cost point of view, but also from ship management view as well. We also focus on Storage and Inventory Management techniques.

We take pride in serving our ship owners and managers by keeping the crew happy and satisfied. We promise a transparent victualing management and quality and standards.

At times at sea it is difficult to eat good foods but with Wrest Egypt Co. this will never be a concern. Let vessel sail to any port of the world with ease and be rest assure we will take care of all your catering needs. We are dedicated to sourcing imperishable products of high nutritional value and with low contents of salt, sugar and saturated fats, contributing to a healthy diet for our maritime workforce. We also offer Catering services for Filipino, Chinese crew & other Nationalities.